Everything you need to know about your OPEN AIR CANVAS piece.....


Care & Maintenance, Warranty, Terms & Conditions, and Shipping 



Professional installation is recommended.  While hardware is included with your art, it may not be best used for every surface, therefore please check with your installer.

Read installation steps here.

Care & Maintenance:

 In order to maintain the beauty of your custom art, periodic cleaning may be necessary.  To clean them, gently use a soft cloth (preferably cotton or microfiber) with warm water. This can be done periodically to maintain the cleanliness of your artwork. If you notice any debris on the painted areas, use the same method with extra caution.  Do not use soap or any chemical cleaning agent, as doing so may damage the finish.

After installing and handling your artwork, fingerprints and smudges may appear on the surface. To remove them easily, please follow the cleaning instructions provided above.


*What is covered:

Nan Jones warrants her products to be free from defects for a specific period of time to the original purchaser. This warranty is exclusive to the original purchaser with proof of purchase. Proof of purchase (Original Sales Order) should indicate the name of the original buyer, date, and purchasing information.  Proper maintenance, including routine cleaning and removal of products in high winds or severe climates is the sole responsibility of the owner and is required in order to keep this warranty in effect. Please follow your Care & Maintenance instructions for the care and upkeep of your artwork. The maximum liability is the purchase price of the failed piece in the form of a credit to replace or purchase new artwork.

*What is not covered:

This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from normal wear & tear, handling, improper maintenance, abuse, accident, alteration or tampering.  Repair or modification by anyone other than Nan Jones voids the warranty. Nan Jones makes no additional warranty, either express or implied, written or oral, regarding any warranty of merchantability, title, or fitness for a particular purpose.  Additional exceptions may apply. Freight damage is not covered under the Nan Jones’ warranty.  


Warranty starts on the date of shipment.

*Acrylic: Lifetime

*Bolts: 3 years

Defects that develop due to extreme climate conditions are not covered by this warranty.



Nan Jones upon her own review of the claim and circumstances, may repair or replace the product or provide parts to satisfy the claim, at her discretion.  If it is determined that a replacement is required, the original warranty period remains, starting from the original date of shipment lasting three years.  Nan Jones will provide you with a return authorization number and instructions upon a final determination that the claim is valid.  Only when agreed upon in advance will Nan Jones pay any charges related to shipping, transportation, repair, or replacement of product under warranty review.

Nan Jones will make every attempt to complete the warranty repair or replacement within our standard shipment lead-times and current production capacities.


Terms and Conditions:

Orders will be processed only upon receipt of a 50% non-refundable deposit. The order balance, including shipping, tax and any other charges is due prior to shipment. 

It is the customer’s responsibility to review the order confirmation to make sure all products, payment and shipping information is correct. Any changes to your order may cause a delay in delivery.

Nan Jones is not responsible for delays in shipment or contingencies beyond her control.

For all orders, merchandise cannot be returned without our written authorization. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender “freight collect.” The client is responsible for all return freight charges.

Payment methods: Debit/Credit card and check. A $30 bank transaction fee will be charged for each check returned from the bank unpaid. 


Cost TBD by Nan Jones  and contingent upon size and client location. Email hell@nanwjones.com for additional information.

All sales are final.